A tale of two lefties

The fella getting out of the back seat of this golf cart at last weekend’s PGA Championship in South Carolina needs no introduction. He’s Phil Mickelson, who set a record by winning the tournament at 50 years old, the oldest player to win a major. But in Duryea, the guy driving the cart (the one in the white hat) needs no introduction either. He’s Steve Yokimishyn, Duryea native, and still a baseball legend in these parts. Like Mickelson, a lefty, Steve once struck out 15 batters for the Duryea team in a Teeners League game. And they were only 7 innings long. Locals may also remember him making a circus catch of a touchdown pass thrown by Paul Tylawsky, another Duryean, in a Greater Pittston Touch Football League game. They played for Bender’s Bears, sponsored by Duryea’s Joe Bender, speaking of legends. Now retired, Yokimishyn, the former regional director of the Pennsylvania Governor’s Action Team, and his wife, Jennifer, live on John’s Island in South Carolina, as he puts it, “on the sixth tee of Oak Point,” one of the golf courses in the complex where the PGA Championship was played. Steve volunteered to work at the event and wound up driving Mickelson around on Saturday. “One lefty driving another,” he said. — Ed Ackerman

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