When Susan Thackara stepped onto her front porch in Wyoming over the weekend, she saw a line of people on the sidewalk leading up to her house. Rather than running inside, shocked at this development, she opened her porch on East 4th Street to one group at a time as planned, selling cupcakes and cookies by the dozen.

“We opened the porch at 8 a.m.,” she said. “We sold 30 dozen cupcakes and about 20 dozen cookies.”

Thackara hosted the grand opening of her business, The Front Porch Bake Shop, on Sept. 12.

“It’s literally my house,” she said. “I have a table and a display for cupcakes.”

Thackara, a high school teacher and mom of two, has always loved to bake. She spent time as a child in the kitchen with her grandmother, and has kept her passion for baking alive as an adult. Before “quarantine hit,” at the start of the pandemic, Thackara said opening a bakery was just a far-off dream.

“Then all of a sudden I had more time at home,” she said.

She started baking more and more as the shutdowns continued, taking orders from friends and family for some of her specialties.

“Around Easter I made an entire dining room of cupcakes,” she said.

Thackara said her friends and family pushed her to start selling her baked goods and custom cakes, so she tried selling orders from her front porch for Mother’s Day. After that success, she spent the summer preparing her business.

“I had wanted to start a shop when I retired,” she said. “But I just thought, ‘Why am I waiting?’”

Now, Thackara has staples that she will sell from her porch every Saturday, even into the winter months. Some of her most popular treats are her salted caramel pretzel cupcakes, Italian rainbow cookie cupcakes, and dark chocolate chip and sea salt cookies.

To prepare for a Saturday of selling, Thackara and her husband bake through the weeknights after they have put the children to bed.

“We line up mixers on the counter,” Thackara said.

She always bakes in single batches, and whips her buttercream icing for a minimum of five minutes

“The kitchen is really covered in powdered sugar,” she said.

With the grand opening behind her, Thackara has resumed pre-orders for cupcakes and even custom cakes with enough advance planning. Anyone wishing to place a custom order can contact The Front Porch Bake Shop over Facebook or at 570-592-2342.

Thackara said she looks forward to seeing her business grow — even as the cold of winter inches closer.

“I’ll still be standing there for six hours in the cold,” she said.

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