Being a dad is not that hard.

It’s a piece of cake, I say.

All you must do is lose yourself

until your dying day.

Lose yourself? You heard me right.

That’s exactly what you must do.

For when a baby comes your way,

it’s never again about you.

Your focus goes to that li’l one,

the toughest boss you’ve had.

You become a servant forevermore

to the ones who call you Dad.

Right off the bat, your sleep’s curtailed.

This news I hate to break.

But even if it’s 3 a.m.

There’s a whimper and you’re awake.

‘D’ya really mean these things you say?’

a young man may want to ask.

‘If this is fatherhood, count me out.

It seems an impossible task.’

Not so fast, you single guys.

Fatherhood you should not dread.

Losing yourself will set you free,

At least that’s what Jesus said.

To find yourself, just lose yourself,

Christ told the people of his day.

Want to be first? Make yourself last,

is what He had to say.

‘Make myself last? He really said that?

That makes no sense to me.’

It makes no sense to most of us,

But we do not think like He.

We men are selfish, God knows that.

He knows it all too well.

But still, he’d like to save our souls

from an eternity in hell.

So he sends us babies, makes us dads

to help us see the light.

For dads must put themselves aside

If they want to do things right.

A man who never becomes a dad

Can still be saved, that’s true.

But it’s so much harder to toe the mark

when your world is nothing but you.

That problem dads no longer have.

In fact, they can barely recall

when life was wine, women and song

and cars and sports and all.

It’s hard for a dad to commit a sin

if he’s doing his job just right.

His day is consumed by his children’s needs

and sometimes half his night.

I admit it can be a challenge,

the toughest you’ve ever had,

but the rewards sure are worth it.

Go ahead, ask any dad.

Yes, fatherhood’s a gift from God.

Of this I’m completely certain.

A blessing that will show itself

when down comes the final curtain.

For when at last his life is done,

and a man’s at Heaven’s gate,

he just might hear St. Peter say,

‘You cannot come in … but wait.

There’s something in our record books,

that wipes out all sins past.

It’s says right here there came a point,

when you started to put you last.

Aha, I’ve found it,’ the saint might say.

‘It’s here in black and white.

A day when you put yourself aside,

And finally saw the light.

You saved yourself, you became a dad.

You had no more time for sin.

Upon further review, I reverse my call,

Right this way, please come in.

The other dads are golfing with God,

who’s going to be mighty glad.

You see, he likes nothing better

than to welcome another dad.’

Ed Ackerman writes The Optimist every week. Look for his blogs online during the week at

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