Although I was wearing my Paul McCartney T-shirt — a bold move, I admit, for a guy my age, but, hey, wasn’t the whole purpose of the night a half-century trip back in time? — I found myself missing my Yellow Submarine tie the minute The Taxmen, a band of youngsters playing nothing but Beatle… Read more

Judy Greenwald asked if I’d pick up the pizza and she didn’t have to ask twice. I’d been on the job since 10 a.m. Sunday and while it was gett… Read more

We had two questions on our minds as we waited in the drizzle in the parking lot of Kiesinger Funeral Home for the start of Avoca’s Sesquicent… Read more

When my Feature Writing class begins at the college about a week from now, I’ll tell my students that journalists don’t “create” stories the w… Read more

When it comes to asking for donations, Stan Rovinski has what my late friend Dick Cosgrove called “more nerve than an aching tooth.” Read more