Wyoming Area kindergarten

registration, screenings set

Janet M. Serino, Wyoming Area School District Superintendent, announces registration of students who will be attending kindergarten in the Wyoming Area School District in the 2020-21 school year will take place Friday, March 27. Registration will be held at the Wyoming Area Kindergarten Center, 50 Penn Ave, Exeter.

Children whose last name begins with A to L will register from 8:30 to 11 a.m., and those with names beginning with M to Z will register from 1 to 3 p.m.

Children must be 5 years old by Aug. 31, 2020 to enter kindergarten, inclusive and without exception. A birth certificate as evidence of age must be provided upon registration.

Proof of residence must be presented in the form of deed, signed lease agreement, or property tax bill and current utility bill to residence, check stub for wages, public assistance or Social Security.

State law requires that children attempting to enroll must have proper immunization. Immunization records must be presented at registration.

Children entering kindergarten must have the following vaccines: four doses of tetanus, (one dose on or after fourth birthday) and four doses of diphtheria, (one dose on or after fourth birthday), usually given as DTP or DT or Td; three doses of polio; two doses of measles, two doses of mumps and one dose of rubella (German Measles), usually given as MMR; three doses of hepatitis B and two doses of varicella or evidence of immunity to chickenpox.

Children registering also will receive required screenings during registration.

For information, contact the Department of Student Registration at Wyoming Area High School at 570-655-2836, ext. 2334.


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