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SUBMITTED PHOTO Chick Boone received a letter from President Trump acknowledging the family’s service following the recent presentation of a Purple Heart in recognition of his father, David, having been injured in World War I. In front, is John ‘Chick’ Boone, 91, a World War II Navy veteran. Second row, from left, are John Boone, Navy veteran and president of Avoca Borough Council, and Thomas Boone, retired U.S., Navy and currently working in San Francisco Bay Area for Homeland Security. Third row: Michael Boone, Air Force, retired state police and head of security at Pittston Area, and Paul Boone, U.S. Navy, currently with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

All the family of World War I veteran David Boone had to prove he was eligible for a Purple Heart was a certificate he got from the Army in lieu of the actual medal. The certificate depicts a World War I soldier in uniform kneeling before a woman in a flowing white gown as, akin to a knighting scene, she rests a sword blade on his shoulder.

David Boone’s son, John “Chick” Boone, 91, remembers seeing the certificate as a kid and being aware his father had been wounded and gassed in World War I. But his military records and discharge did not show he had been wounded. The certificate was the only proof.

Among family moves, the certificate went missing. When it was found last year, Chick set out to get the Purple Heart. With the help of State Sen. Matt Cartwright’s office and his aide, Bob Morgan, the medal was presented to the Boone family On Aug. 18, the 100th anniversary of the day Cpl. David Boone was poisoned by mustard gas from a German shell in an exchange of artillery fire with the 109th Artillery Battery near Champagne, France.

Last month the final chapter of the medal saga was written in a letter from President Trump. From the letter: “Our nation is immensely blessed by each generation’s determination to preserve our freedom, and your father’s courage and sacrifice were crucial during the great war. Following his example you defended your country during World War II, helping to ensure that America continues to shine as a beacon of hope around the world.”

When members of the Boone family gathered to pose for a picture with the Trump letter, it came to light the Boone family is filled with patriots who have served and continue to serve their country.

The picture tells the story of their service:

Sitting and holding the letter, is John “Chick” Boone, 91-year-old World War II U.S. Navy veteran.

Second row, standing at left, is John Boone, U.S. Navy veteran and Avoca Council president. At right, standing with his hands on Chick, is Thomas Boone, retired U.S. Navy and currently working in San Francisco Bay Area for Homeland Security.

Third row, on left, is Michael Boone, U.S. Air Force, retired state police and currently head of Pittston Area Security. At right, is Paul Boone, U.S. Navy and currently with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).