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Nearly two full weeks into 2020 and we’re really going with our resolutions now. They say it takes three weeks to form a habit, so no matter what your resolution is, you’re nearly there with making it a part of your life!

If you’ve fallen on and off with your resolution so far this year, don’t worry. It happens to a lot of us. Often, my resolutions revolve around getting fit (no surprise there — I’m sure a lot of you are with me!), and the first few weeks after the new year are almost always a bust. While my resolution this year isn’t to start working out, the new year is a great time to start over and start fresh. This year I said I’d start eating better while starting a new fitness program. I’m in need of something fresh — new year, new program.

But, it isn’t always that easy. I have a lot of birthdays this month, including my own. Plus, when friends and family are in from college, you make time to see them no matter what. And those times often involve good food, cookies, desserts ... basically everything that goes against that food and exercise plan we just talked about.

But that’s all OK, because balance makes us work harder when we’re all in with our goals. Being able to enjoy those times with friends and family should be as important as fitting in that workout in the morning. It’s these memories that we’ll carry with us all our lives, and there’s always time to get in a good workout later on.

So mid-January, I wanted to say that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, wherever you are with your resolution. Because there are another three weeks coming up that you can make the most of to start your new habit. And honestly, it’s only going to get colder over the next few weeks, which is the perfect time to start a new habit, if you ask me.

Council meeting

There will be a council meeting at the borough building at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 13. All residents are invited to attend.

Recycling reminder

Council reminds residents that all borough recyclables must follow the following: All cans and jars must be emptied and cleaned. No Styrofoam containers or paper plates are to be recycled. Instead, these items should be put in with your trash. Your recyclables will not be picked up if it contains these items.

Also, remember to break down cardboard or it will not be picked up.

Council appreciates residents following the guidelines for recyclables.

Snow removal

Council reminds residents that winter will soon be here and snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours.

Kayleigh DeMace writes about Hughestown. To list an item, email or call 570-821-2004 by 5 p.m. Monday.