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As January comes to a close, we’re getting ready for American Heart Month. Our heart, as you know, powers our bodies, so keeping it healthy is extremely important. I want to challenge you all to take the month of February to make healthier decisions. Take care of your heart!

After shoveling snow and making New Year’s resolutions to be healthier and exercise more, now is the time when we tend to fall back on those resolutions a little bit. Don’t let that happen! Remind yourself that you deserve to feel good, energized and healthy. Try new, heart-healthy foods. Try a new exercise class or video. Yes, it’s tough, but you’ll feel great having done something for yourself!

Here’s what’s going on in the borough:

Garbage collection

Council asks residents to please cooperate with the garbage fee, which is the same price as last year. Council will go through names and make sure everyone is sent a bill. The borough has service from Mascaro, including one free bulk item a month collected. Call the borough building at 570-654-2061 with questions or missed collections.

Collection of recyclables and garbage is Monday and Wednesday is ashes or yard waste collection.

All mattresses/box springs must be placed in plastic.

Council news

Council notes Jerry Lynch did a great job plowing snow in the borough. What a storm!

The blockage in the Center Sreet sewer line has been fixed. Council is looking into complaints about Center Street water runoff affecting properties. The water company will make repairs to some of the holes dug up from the project in Stuffer Heights. Problems with tires on properties will be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

Progress has been made with the lighting updates/fixes in the borough building. Council thanks Mayor Wayne Quick for his help. The mayor, Councilman Bob Gable and Street Commissioner Jerry Lynch also recently cleaned out offices and set everything up in the borough building. Council thanks them for their time and effort.

Chief Jim Halford will move to an office upstairs in the borough building. New borough operations manager Maureen Murphy will begin work Feb. 1. She will work with Angie Acierno during the transition and will be located in an office on the main floor of the borough building.

Council members thank residents for their attendance at a recent meeting and for asking questions about Pittston City Sewer maintenance fee raise of $70.

Council, Chief Halford and his officers thank the Lions for their donation of computers for the police department.

Council extends sympathy to the Granteeds on the passing of Jean Ann Granteed.

Crime Watch

Crime Watch meets at 7 p.m. the first Monday of the month in the borough building. The next meeting is Feb. 4. Lynda Hoban will preside. Speaker will be attorney Angela Sperrazza, borough solicitor.

Kayleigh DeMace writes about Hughestown every week. To include an item in her column, email or call 570-821-2004 by 5 p.m. Monday.