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A pandemic is no reason to litter. If anything, this crisis should be teaching us to slow down and be more mindful. Part of that mindfulness should be to enjoy this beautiful planet while working to preserve its beauty.

That’s why Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is asking residents to take pride in Pennsylvania and to not litter.

“We’re heartened by many stories of residents getting outside and reconnecting with their neighborhoods, parks and trails. Unfortunately, there have also been stories of people leaving litter, dog waste and even graffiti behind in state parks and forests and other places,” Shannon Reiter, president of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, said in a press release to borough officials.

The increased litter puts strain on the already reduced staff at state and municipal parks and recreation departments across the state.

While the annual, statewide Pick Up Pennsylvania is suspended, there are plans to reschedule the event, which typically runs March through May.

Last year, 92,342 volunteers participated in the statewide spring cleanup campaign, collecting more than 7 million pounds of trash and recyclables and 19,082 tires, and planting 8,580 flowers and other plants.

But, until this year’s event is rescheduled, it’s up to us to keep our parks and our neighborhoods clean. Remember to pick up after yourself whenever you go out for a walk or a hike. This includes picking up after your pup. Leave no trace so those after you can see the world just as you saw it.

Stay safe and healthy out there.

Borough news

Council reminds residents to check on the elderly during this crisis and remember to wear a mask if checking in on them in person.

If residents have any questions regarding overdue 2019 trash bills, please call the borough office at 570-654-2061.

Spring is upon us, so it is time to start your property and home clean-up! Start getting ready for the Hughestown Borough annual paper shredding event which is tentatively scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Friday, June 5. Check back here for updates.

Council reminds residents the deadline for Hughestown’s sewer maintenance fee of $50 has been extended to May 20.

Postcards have been sent out for delinquent trash bills for 2020. Deadline to pay unpaid trash bills for 2020 also has been extended to Wednesday, May 20.

Burning ordinance

Residents are reminded of the no burning ordinance in place in Hughestown. Do not burn paper and paper products, twigs or wood.

Using fire pits for entertainment purposes is allowed.

Residents should note, the Hughestown Volunteer Fire Department is allowed burning within the borough for instructional and/or educational purposes.

Borough contact information

The borough office is now closed. Residents can call the borough at 570-654-2061 and leave a message for anything of importance and borough officials will reply in a timely manner.

Call the police department at 570-654-2082 or in an emergency at 911.

St. Peter’s Lutheran news

Services at St. Peter’s are cancelled until further notice.

The annual penny auction slated for Sunday, April 26, is postponed. A new date has not been announced.

Yard waste, recycling notices

Yard waste collection began for the season April 8.

There is a 30-pound limit on all bins and all branches must be bundled.

Residents are reminded to break down boxes for recycling. No boxes will be picked up with recycling that are not broken down. Also, rinse containers before recycling.

Well wishes

Council wishes happy birthday to Councilman Steve Golya, April 18; Secretary Angie Acierno and Makenzie Gable, April 21; David Antal, April 22; Robbie Scatena, April 24, and Brook Gorey, April 28, and happy anniversary to Councilman Bob and Diane Gable, April 20.


Council sends its sympathy to the families of Joan Gorey, Tommy Fleming, Margaret McHale and Theresa Stelma.

Kayleigh DeMace writes about Hughestown every week. To list an item, email or call 570-821-2004 by 5 p.m. Monday.