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Mom is a big word, even though it’s spelled with only three letters. Think about it ... it comes with a lot of expectations. Everyone has a preconceived notion of what a mom should be. A perfect image of a mother taking care of her children, but I think it’s important to take a step back and remember that no one is perfect.

With everyone having an idea of what a mom should be like, the title comes with a lot of pressure. But there’s no one right way to be a mom. Everyone needs something different. One person might need a more supportive mom while another might need one who challenges them and pushes them to do more than they thought they could ever do.

Simply put, moms are magic. They figure it out. They somehow know what we need most. They do their best each day to raise kids who can do their best in life. Humanity is full of beautiful imperfections, and today we celebrate our moms for showing us that. For showing us that we don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

While we celebrate our moms this weekend, we celebrate moms around the world for being the best mom they can for their family. Happy Mother’s Day!

Council news

Council reports work will be done to repair holes in Stauffer Heights left behind by the water company.

Council thanks Jerry Lynch for cutting grass in the Robert Yaple Memorial Park.

Roads have been checked over for potholes throughout the borough. Steve Golya and Gene Fortini have undertaken the effort and are waiting for the estimate. More information to come.

Council thanks Maureen Murphy for her work with the borough, and they thank Angie Acierno for lending Maureen a helping hand.

Council reminds residents to maintain their properties in compliance with the borough ordinance. Problem properties will be cited.

Council reminds residents to get a permit for any home renovation projects. Call Jeff Pisanchyn at 570-237-6686.

Anyone using the fields in Robert Yaple Memorial Park must contact Councilman Steve Goyla at 570-655-4552 or Councilwoman Marie Griglock at 570-655-2626. Proof of insurance and a schedule must be handed in.

Anyone wishing to use Centennial Pavilion should call the borough building at 570-654-2061 and leave a message.

Paper shredding

Council will hold a paper shredding from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 8. This service is free to all Hughestown residents and offers an opportunity to safely discard personal papers.

Yard sale

Hughestown Park and Recreation will hold its annual community yard sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 1. The registration fee is $5 to have your home listed on the maps that will be distributed at the borough building. You also can register for $10 to set up a table at the borough building. Food and refreshments will be available at the pavilion. All advertising will be handled by Hughestown Park and Recreation. For information or an application, please call Mary Golya at 570-655-4552.

Kayleigh DeMace writes about Hughestown every week for Greater Pittston Progress. To include an item in her column, email kdemace@pittstonprog­ or call 570-821-2004 by 5 p.m. Monday.