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Last week, I reported vehicles were getting broken into throughout the borough, so I wanted to take some time to talk about best practices to prevent this from happening the best you can!

This one is right from my mom: don’t keep change out in the open where people can see it. This goes for anything valuable: phone cords, sunglasses, CDs, your purse. The list goes on.

If something of value isn’t in plain sight, someone might be less likely to attempt entering your car. This isn’t a guarantee that someone won’t break in, but it can certainly help lower your chances of having to deal with an intrusion.

Also, keep your cars locked. Again, this isn’t a guarantee that someone won’t break in, but you don’t want to make anything easy for them.

Also, be sure to report anything suspicious that you see. Call 911.

In Hughestown, there have been reports of unlocked vehicles having been entered. While some cars were only ransacked, other owners reported that change, sunglasses and even a GPS system were stolen. So be safe and take steps to decrease the chances of this happening to you!

Crime Watch news

If you didn’t make last week’s Crime Watch meeting, here’s what you missed:

Crime Watch met Feb. 5 at the Hughestown Hose Company. Assistant District Attorney Angela Sperrazza, guest speaker, stressed that as a community, Hughestown can prevent crime and make a difference for the town and the police department.

The Crime Watch committee asks that residents report any suspicious activity they see.

No violation is too small to report and you cannot assume something has already been reported.

Tips to keep safe were given at the meeting. These included locking doors and windows, installing deadbolts, removing air conditioning units from windows, keeping homes well lit, and installing a security system.

Police Chief Jeff Balut suggested that anyone in the process of installing security cameras should consider pointing a camera toward their street. In the past, several crimes have been solved because of a neighbor’s street-facing camera footage.

Officers were also installed at this meeting. They are: President Lynda Hoban, Vice President Tom Flemming, Secretary Diane Frushon and Treasure Michelle Mayo.

The next Hughestown Crime Watch meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, March 5, at the Hughestown Hose Company. All residents are encouraged to attend and new members are always welcome.

Council news

Hughestown Council will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 12. Mayor Wayne Quick will preside.

Any resident who didn’t receive a bill for trash collection from Berkheimer is asked to call the borough building at 570-654-2061 and leave a message. If the fee is not paid, citations will be issued.

Council sends special thanks to the mailman and newspaper deliverers. Even with this bad weather, they still do their job everyday.

Also, special thanks to PennDOT and the Hughestown Street Department for the persistent and great snow removal!

The 2018 budget is available for review in the borough building.

Council asks that residents call trash collector J.P. Mascaro if their trash was not picked up. You can call them at 1-800-243-7575. Their business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Stay safe and warm!

Kayleigh DeMace writes about Hughestown every week for Greater Pittston Progress. To include a news item in her column, email or call 570-821-2004 by 5 p.m. Monday.