Samuel and Lillian Goldstein


My father, Samuel, was an honest, kind and giving man. He had an uncanny talent for making people laugh. His charisma was unforgettable, to folks he encountered and especially those he knew his entire life.

One person in particular was embroidered in his heart. She, of course, was Lillian, his loving wife. They fiercely adored each other, like no other couple could. My dad’s drive and selflessness was legendary. Their departure from this world leaves behind an unfillable hole in so many hearts. My parents were known for their wonderful sense of humor, fantastic story telling and deep, enduring love for their entire family.

My dad has helped so many people over the years, especially being an extraordinary, supportive and proud father to his four exemplary children. The overwhelming support of customers, amazing family and awesome friends who enjoy these annual articles makes me very proud to be the daughter of such a remarkable man!

My parents loved and encouraged their devoted children as they were preparing to carve their own paths in life.

Samuel’s keen attention to detail led him to excellence in all his endeavors. All of his projects were nothing short of spectacular. He highly demonstrated the utmost patience with tedious tasks and commonly referred to them as therapy. His philosophy of “Don’t worry, be happy,” inspired positive sentiments.

My parents brought balance to any situation. Their children and families were hard working and quite successful. The positivity of their character resonated with each word.

Samuel was hard working, funny, caring, determined, kind and passionate. He handled any situation with dignity and grace. Through the strength my father possessed, his loving family and numerous friends know what perseverance and resilience truly look like.

Proudly submitted in blessed memory of my father, with love and respect.

Your daughter,

Debra Miriam Goldstein


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