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There’s Bob Price with his friends from the Perspective Church and the Pittston Cultural Council announcing they will break in the new Pittston amphitheater with a Day of Prayer on Saturday, May 4.

And there he is shooting photographs of the St. Joseph Marello Holy Name Society’s annual smoker.

And there’s more Bob Price, this time co-hosting a forum on opioid addiction for Dupont Crime Watch, of which he just happens to be president.

And that’s what you learned about Price just from looking at pages 4, 5 and 6 of last week’s Greater Pittston Progress.

There’s lots more.

In 2014, he was one of the founders of the Dupont Progress Committee, which planned the borough’s centennial event of the month in 2017, including a Mardi Gras, 5K race and a pub crawl. Price and the Progress Committee also brought back Dupont’s Christmas tree lighting tradition, which had been dark for 15 years. He’s also a Dupont Lion.

Though Dupont is the main focus of Price’s volunteer mania, he’s well-known in Pittston, too, for his work with Paint Pittston Pink, Greater Pittston Cultural Coalition, Greater Pittston Historical Society and the Pittston Arts Council.

He’s on boards, too, like NEPA Inclusive, which advocates for people with disabilities. He also is on the board of the Greater Pittston Athletic Center, based at Perspective Church in Pittston. Price is working to raise the profile of GPAC.

All this from a guy who commutes to Allentown five days a week, where he’s the regional fleet manager for Johnson Controls. But the 11- to 12-hour days don’t stop him. Many evenings he gets home, eats and heads off to a board meeting, event or seminar.

“That’s pretty much it,” he said.

His wife, Ellen, volunteers with him. For example, she is secretary of the Greater Pittston Cultural Coalition and Dupont Crime Watch, but she’s not as driven as Bob.

“She’s says I don’t have an off switch,” he remarked.

Why does he do so much?

“I enjoy it. I like getting out, helping organize things and I like meeting people and helping people,” he said.

He does it all with a perpetual smile under his huge walrus mustache and often with his 15-year-old son, Jonathan, at his side, learning the ropes of community involvement and photography. An accomplished photographer, Bob loves shooting area events, from Pittston’s Second Friday Art Walk to the Santa parade.

Bob and Ellen married in 1989 and moved to Dupont in ’96. They adopted Jonathan when he was 3-days-old. He’s their only child. Bob graduated from Wyoming Area in 1979 and got an electrical engineering degree from Penn State.

As if he hasn’t enough to do, he’s got another project coming up.

“In the future I hope to run for borough council,” he said.