The days in between Christmas and New Year’s Day always feel, to me at least, like some of the most peaceful and relaxing days of the year. It’s almost as if, for just about a week, time almost slows down in a lot of ways. The hustle, bustle and frenetic energy that carries me through the holidays melts away on Dec. 26, and the joy and contentment that comes with celebrating such an important holiday with friends and family (even if in different ways this year) is exactly what the season is all about.

As we look ahead to 2021, I hope you find that sense of joy and that it carries all of us through to a safe, healthy, and hopeful New Year!

Jenkins Santa party

Jenkins Twp. thanks everyone who attended the township’s Santa drive-thu Dec. 20 at the Jenkins Twp. Hose Company.

Congratulations to the following children who won prizes at the event: Boe Dunn won a gift certificate, Reed Yatko and Isabella Sekora each won a bicycle, and Adrianna Riddle and Aiden Toots each won an Amazon Fire Tablet.

Jenkins Twp. tax updates

Taxes for the Pittston Area School District are now at the penalty amount through Dec. 31. Property owners using the three payment plan had until Dec. 18 to pay their taxes in full at the face amount. As this date is passed, anyone with an outstanding balance will also pay the penalty price. Please note that county and municipal taxes can also be paid, at the penalty amount, through Dec. 31. Tax payments can be dropped off at 3 Laflin Road, Inkerman, or sent through mail to the same address. Only certified checks or money orders will be accepted.

Contact the tax collector at 570-654-9710 with any questions.

PTAA news

The Pittston Twp. Ambulance Association has been generously gifted two ballistic vests from the Wyoming Area Kiwanis Club. The club has been providing these vests over the past few years to first responders in the Greater Wyoming and Greater Pittston areas. Along with the vest, the Kiwanis Club also donated additional items, including major wound care materials and bandages and tourniquet supplies for gun wounds and trauma victims.

These important items will all be placed into service with the PTAA, along with other items acquired through a state grant.

With the Kiwanis Club donation, the PTAA is pleased to report they now have three vests per vehicle. The ambulance association sends its thanks to the Kiwanis Club for its kind generosity.

The PTAA reminds residents that its office phone number is not an emergency contact. This number is meant only for business matters, and not for emergencies. Please call 911 if you are in need of emergency services.

The ambulance association’s annual membership drive is underway. Brochures have been sent out to all residents. If you have not received this mailing, please contact the office at 570-654-4717 or send an email to and a brochure will be sent.

A 2021 membership provides unlimited emergency care and local emergency hospital transports to all residents, as well as any household guests. Membership can be obtained for a donation of $35 per household for the year. For information or to obtain a membership, please call the office at 570-654-4717. You can visit the PTAA online at

The Pittston Twp. Ambulance EMS staff and board of directors wishes everyone a safe, healthy and successful new year!

Jenkins Twp. Hose Company fund drive

The Jenkins Twp. Volunteer Hose Company is currently conducting its 2021 fund drive.

Approximately 70% of the operating budget of the volunteer hose company is supported by donations from local residents and businesses of Jenkins Twp. and Yatesville. Making your donation to the Jenkins Twp. Volunteer Hose Company is vitally important to its success and ability to help protect citizens and their loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you haven’t received a mailer, please contact the hose company at 570-655-5045. The officers and members of the Jenkins Twp. Volunteer Hose Company thank those who supported them in the past and look forward to many new supporters.

Pittston Twp. tax reminders

The Pittston Twp. Tax Collector reminds residents that all taxes, including county, municipal and school, are now at penalty value. When paying taxes, please use separate checks for each tax bill being paid. Payments will be accepted until Dec. 31. If a paid receipt is required, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The tax office is closed because of COVID. Taxes can be mailed or dropped in the secure drop-box located at the home office. Please call 570-654-8807 after 5:30 p.m. with any questions

Pittston Twp. snowplow notices

Pittston Twp. residents are reminded to remove portable basketball hoops off streets to allow for snow plowing.

Brandon Jopling writes about Jenkins Twp. and Pittston Twp. every week. To list an item, email or call 570-301-2175 by 5 p.m. Monday.

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