Veterans Day was observed this past week on Wednesday, Nov. 11. This is a special day in many ways, but most importantly for the acknowledgement and appreciation we show for all who have sacrificed of themselves in service to our country. Many of us likely have family members or friends who have served in our armed forces. My grandfather was (and still is at heart) a proud Marine. Other members of my family also have served in different branches of the military. We are incredibly thankful for all that these brave men and women do for the United States and its citizens.

With Veterans Day only just passed, it is important to note that there are a number of charities and other organizations that work to acknowledge and benefit our veterans. Locally, the Jenkins Twp. Veterans Memorial group is working to place and dedicate a monument in recognition of veterans from the Jenkins Twp. community.

While the pandemic has slowed their efforts and caused some delays, the group is still attempting to continue its work and raise funds to successfully complete this important project. Currently, the group is collecting tabs from aluminum cans, which they will cash in during the spring. Although a small effort, any bit of funding will help the group’s efforts! More information can be found by searching Jenkins Twp. Veterans Memorial on Facebook, or messaging Raynee Roxby through Facebook.

Jenkins Twp. Municipal Building closed

Due to the increase in cases of COVID-19, the Jenkins Twp. Board of Supervisors has decided to close the township building to the public. If you need to make payments, the township will accept check or money order, or credit card payment which can be made over the phone by calling 570-654-3315. Not that there is a 3% fee added to credit card payments. Any required receipts will be mailed to the payer. Alternatively, payment can be dropped off at the appropriate drop-box at the entrance of the municipal building. Contact the office with questions and to inquire about using this service in light of the new restrictions. Appointments with the zoning officer or manager can also be made by calling the office.

Jenkins Twp. tax collection updates

Pittston Area school taxes are now due in the face amount until Nov. 23. If you are not paying by mail, a drop-box is located at 3 Laflin Rd., or alternatively through the municipal building by utilizing the appropriate drop-box. The municipal building can be contacted at 570-654-3315 for information or questions about this service during new restrictions enforced at the office. County and township bills can be paid at the penalty amount until Dec. 31. If you have not received your tax bills or if you have other questions, please contact the tax collector at 570-654-9710.

Jenkins Hose Company fund drive

Jenkins Twp. Volunteer Hose Company is currently conducting its 2021 fund drive.

Approximately 70% of the operating budget of the volunteer hose company is supported by donations from local residents and businesses of Jenkins Twp. and Yatesville.

Making your donation to the Jenkins Twp. Volunteer Hose Company is vitally important to the company’s success and ability to help protect citizens and their loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you haven’t received a mailer, please contact the hose company at 570-655-5045. The officers and members of the Jenkins Twp. Volunteer Hose Company would like to thank those who supported them in the past and look forward to many new supporters.

Jenkins yard waste

Jenkins Twp. yard waste is collected every Thursday.

The township truck also is available to haul yard waste. Please arrange a time for this service with the municipal building office.

Pittston Twp. taxes

Pittston Twp. tax collector reminds all residents school taxes are in face value. The tax drop-off box at the home office at 12 E. Oak St. may be used. If mailing and requesting a paid receipt, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the whole tax bill and payment.

County/municipal taxes are at penalty.

For information, please email or call 570-654-8807.

Pittston Twp. yard waste

Pittston Twp. yard waste will be collected Tuesday this week in the Cork Lane and Brownton sections of the township.

Pittston Twp. snow plow notice

With winter on the horizon, residents are reminded to remove portable basketball hoops off streets to allow for snow plowing.

Brandon Jopling writes about Jenkins Twp. and Pittston Twp. To list an item, email or call 570-301-2175 by 5 p.m. Monday.

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