Memorial Day is a special day for many of us, filled with traditions and memories of special times. For me, it reminds me of cookouts and parades, baseball games and time spent with family. There were many family traditions that we followed on the holiday, and so many memories were created because of great times shared with family and friends. We would enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs in our backyard, play all kinds of games, and just enjoy ourselves. Finally, we'd visit the cemetery and say a prayer for those who couldn't be physically with us as we celebrated. In my opinion, by doing this, it feels as though we keep them with us.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, let's remember our loved ones who have gone, and especially our soldiers and those who have died serving this great country in the military. But, especially as we celebrate this holiday in a very different way due to social distancing, be mindful of the happy times and the memories that can and will still be made today, tomorrow, and always. These are worth celebrating, too!

I hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day!


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