Driving around Greater Pittston, I'm overwhelmed by signs and photos on porches and in lawns of recent graduates from local colleges and universities. It's a little surreal for me, too. Ten years ago, I graduated from Pittston Area High School.

The memories I have of that day will always be with me. The cookies that got passed around during the ceremony from our class baker. The downpour of rain we drove through on the way home afterward. And sure, those are great memories. But they never outweighed the memories that we made throughout high school.

This year, graduation looks so different for our high school and college seniors. But one thing is still the same. The memories made throughout their time in school will be with them for the rest of their lives. And the pride they feel in having completed this major part of growing up still rings true.

You all have so much to be proud of, because you did it. You finished college and high school and you're starting the next chapter of your life. How exciting is that?

My brother is one of these seniors. He finished college this year and is now looking to the future, excited for what's next. What's happening in the world right now aside, I know he will land where he's meant to, exactly when he is meant to. Because he worked hard to get to where he is right now — just like all our 2020 seniors.

Don't for a minute worry about your future. Take this time to slow down, enjoy the time you have with your family, and trust that whatever's coming next for you will come at just the right time. Because each one of you has earned it.

Congratulations to all the seniors out there! You have — and will continue to — accomplish great things in your lives!


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