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Above, are Wyoming Area Catholic first graders Cayden Richards and Brynn Roberts. at left, are Wyoming Area Catholic fifth graders Abby Butler and Liam O’Malley.

Students from Holy Rosary School, Pittston Area Primary Center and Wyoming Area Catholic are looking forward to enjoying some good food and spending time with family this Thanksgiving. Several students took some time earlier this week to think about what they like most about Thanksgiving.

Holy Rosary School, Duryea

Seventh grader Brielle Scheland looked forward to her mom’s homemade mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving Day.

“My mom always makes dinner,” she said. “That’s always the best part.”

She said she feels thankful for her family, her great education and her friends this year.

Her classmate, Olivia Desena, felt thankful for all the new friends she realized she had this year.

She said her sister plans to help cook the Thanksgiving meal this year.

“She says she’s making a surprise,” the 13-year-old said.

Sixth grader Matthew Volpitta had plenty to be thankful for.

“My family and all the things I have and all the opportunities I’ve had this year,” he said.

He couldn’t wait to enjoy some cranberry sauce, his favorite Thanksgiving food, with his turkey and biscuits.

Classmate Rowan Lazevnick, on the other hand, looked forward to mashed potatoes and corn on her family’s Thanksgiving table.

“I’m thankful for my family, my friends and everyone I’m surrounded with,” she said.

Samantha Collins, an eighth grader and basketball player at Holy Rosary, looked forward to seeing her family on Thanksgiving.

“My aunt brings the best broccoli, cheddar and bacon casserole,” she said. “Then my cousins and I usually go outside after dinner and play basketball or football.”

Andrew Francis, another eighth grade student, will reflect on some new friendships he’s made this year at the Thanksgiving table.

“I’m thankful for friends. I’ve made a lot of new friends,” he said.

Pittston Area Primary Center

Lydia Luvender, a kindergarten student at Pittston Area, said she’s thankful for her large family and looked forward to seeing them all together.

“My mom usually brings games and we have a hula hoop contest,” she said.

Five-year-old Chase Dudek couldn’t wait to eat some corn during his family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

“I’m thankful that my whole family comes over,” he said.

First grader Kaya Wolfe said she felt thankful for family and food this year.

“My mom and dad,” is what she’s thankful for. “And I’m thankful for food,” she said. She especially anticipated mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

“We play games with our whole family,” she said. “And we make a giant card for my dad because he can’t come.”

Wyoming Area Catholic School, Exeter

Wyoming Area Catholic third grader Robbie Stanchak had one memory in mind when he thought about what he was thankful for this year.

“Going to my first Yankees game,” he said. “On July 27.”

He also looked forward to eating stuffing and going to his grandmother’s house to watch the parade.

When first grader Cayden Richards thinks of Thanksgiving, he thinks about his grandmother’s special recipes.

“I love the biscuits. My gram cooks everything egg-free,” he said.

He paused a bit to consider what he’s thankful for this year.

“Everything,” he said.

Brynn Roberts, another first grade student, looked forward to a plate full of turkey enjoyed with her family on Thanksgiving.

“Every time we all go to a house and we celebrate together,” she said.

She said she’ll be most thankful for “friends and family,” this year.

Emma Bednar, 8, liked to eat chicken instead of turkey on Thanksgiving and said she’ll be thinking about her family when giving thanks.

“My grandma, grandpa and my mom do the cooking,” the third grader said.

Fifth grader Liam O’Malley had a list of things he is thankful for this year.

“My family, my friends, my religion, food and water,” he said.

He said he prefers ham over turkey, but was excited to watch the parade and spend time with family.

Classmate Abby Butler, 11, had a similar list.

“I’m thankful for family, my dog, my art stuff and food,” she said.

She looked forward to the stuffing her dad would make for the Thanksgiving table.

“My family comes over to our house to eat,” she said.,